Time to hire: 3 tips for staffing up strategically

If your staff’s workloads are steadily rising and new opportunities for your business are emerging, it may be time for hiring staff and adding more personnel.

Hiring new staff should always be a considered business decision. It can be hard to know when to push aside the manager mentality of ‘it can’t hurt to wait just a bit longer until we’re absolutely sure we should start hiring again’ and put out the job ad.

While this hesitation is understandable — expanding permanent teams too fast could lead to layoffs if needs turn out to be short term — there are also risks to waiting for the “perfect” time to hire. Your firm may need to pass on new business. You also may miss the opportunity to secure great talent.

Follow our three tips for staffing up strategically:

1. Focus on skills needed

As you expand your workforce, don’t rush to fill positions unless you’re positive those roles are vital. Ensure the first jobs you fill are those that best address the needs of your current personnel requirements. Focus on finding professionals who can provide the mix of skills and competencies your firm will need to support its growth now and in the future.

2. Evaluate your existing resources

Your best hire for an open position could already be on your payroll. Even if you’re understaffed, consider whether anyone internally could grow into a certain role with little or no training.

By repositioning employees willing and able to take on new responsibilities, you can take better advantage of total resources while providing new challenges for your most talented team members. Just make sure your workers are appropriately compensated for stepping up.

3.  Consider flexible staffing arrangements

Does your hiring strategy include bringing in temporary or contract support as business needs dictate? You may benefit from engaging “one-timers” to work on a special project or to cover for key staff who are on temporary leave. Before filling a full-time role, consider whether the flexibility of a short-term staffing solution might be the better approach.

If your firm hasn't hired anyone for a long period, it’s natural to feel some initial apprehension about expanding your team, even when the signs are increasingly clear that they would benefit from additional support. Take time to make smart hiring decisions, but don’t move so slowly that new business opportunities — and great talent — pass you by.

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