Thanks for the extra hour, daylight saving time!

It’s daylight saving time again. Time to put the clocks forward an hour (from 2am on Sunday, 4 October) and enjoy a few more welcome rays of sunshine. Longer days equal more time on your hands, right? Here’s how to make the most of that extra 60 minutes.

Exercise after work

Exercising in winter is never as easy as during the warmer months. The mornings are cold and dark, and the sun generally sets before you leave the office. Hurray for daylight saving time. If you leave work at a reasonable time, what better way to enjoy a few more rays of light than going for a post-work run or walk, a bike ride or an ocean swim? The adrenaline rush and the extra serotonin boost will lift your mood no end.

Be social

If there’s nothing left in the tank for exercising after work, lock in drinks or a dinner date with friends instead. Even better, get to a bar with an ocean view and while away a few hours as the sun goes down. Instead of heading home for dinner on the sofa watching Doctor Who reruns, plan a picnic in the park with antipasto, fresh bread and a bottle of wine. Alternatively, go to an early session of an outdoor movie. Sometimes a change of scenery is as good as holiday.

Tackle a new pursuit

Use that extra hour in your day to begin the course or hobby you’ve been meaning to enjoy for so long. It could be a cooking or art class, a dance lesson or volunteer work. Your sense of fulfilment will thrive after achieving more than just your typical day’s work.

Network with colleagues

If there are workmates you rarely have time to catch up with, schedule a post-work drink or meal with them when that extra hour comes your way. Networking outside the office is always worthwhile, as it provides insights into your colleagues’ personalities and what makes them tick.

How will you spend that extra hour of daylight?

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