State of Origin: Which Aussie state scores the most tries when it comes to wages? [Infographic]

New South Wales and Queensland are set to go head-to-head with the State of Origin... But rugby league isn't the only rivalry out there.

Which Aussie state is the best for jobs?

We'll take a look at average weekly earnings, annual wage increases, bonus payment intentions, average commute time, unemployment rate and median dwelling price. It's time to settle the score and find out. Who will win, the Blues or Maroons?


Infographic transcript: State of Origin fever is upon us. But rugby league isn’t the only state vs state rivalry out there. Time to settle the score on which is the best state for jobs…


QLD kicks off and NSW charges the solid Maroons’ defence line. Salary data will break the deadlock: who earns the biggest wage per week? Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

Average weekly earnings ($)

QLD: 1,456    NSW: 1,492

SCORE: 0-6: An extra $36 per week ($1,872 per year) means that NSW finds a gap in the QLD line: Converted try!

NSW might have the edge on pay packets right now, but which state has the fastest growing wages according to the ABS?

Annual wage increases (%)

QLD: 2.6    NSW: 2.4

SCORE: 2-6: Faster growing salaries for the Sunshine State sees Queensland claw back 2 points with a converted penalty kick.

Let’s dig deeper into bonuses. What’s the outlook for some of Australia’s key employment sectors – finance and accounting and technology – in each state based on the Robert Half Salary Guide?

Bonus payment intentions by sector (%)
Percentage of CFOs and CIOs intending to increase bonuses in 2015:

Finance and Accounting

QLD: 38    NSW: 56


QLD: 28    NSW: 32

HALF TIME SCORE: 2-10 The Blues gain the upper hand on bonus intentions scoring – a second try! The conversion fades to the right. Can QLD recover after the break?


Time to tackle work life balance. Workers in both states spend similar amounts of time at work, but which state has the longest commute, according to research conducted for National Telework Week?

Average commute time (minutes)

QLD: 50    NSW: 64

SCORE: 8-10: A stunning passage of play sees the Maroons score under the posts and easily convert. Have the Blues have lost momentum?!

Great work life balance is all very well, but you also need to be able to get a job in the first place. Which state has the lowest unemployment according to ABS statistics?

Unemployment rate (%)

QLD: 6.5    NSW:   6.3

SCORE: 8-12: It’s a close call, but NSW just nick it and get on the board again with a 2 point converted penalty kick.

It’s nearly full time! How much hard-earned cash stays in your wallet? Mortgage repayments are a solid indicator of living costs – whose housing is more affordable? Source: CoreLogic RP Data, February 2015

Median dwelling prices ($’000)

Brisbane: $452.2               Sydney: $680

FINAL SCORE: 12-12: Property is more affordable north of the border – a stunning score out wide by Queensland to level… but the kick is just short as the whistle blows!  

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