Setting 2015 on fire: 7 workplace tech trends

Which tech trend is set to rule the roost in 2015? And should you be thinking about opting into it? Check out the technology trends making waves right now.

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Everyday objects are increasingly becoming equipped with ways to tap into the World Wide Web – from fridges that can order milk online to fitness trackers in running shoes – the rise of the IoT is steadily making an impact on our everyday lives. The business implications for IoT are enormous. Not only are tech companies working to make our objects smarter, IoT will also give businesses unprecedented access to data about customers using the products.

2. "Everywhere" computing

Following fast on the heels of IoT is the Internet of Everything. Up until now, most businesses have targeted customers on a device-by-device basis – whether it’s via desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Now, computing devices are growing ever more sophisticated, mobile and pervasive, forcing businesses to think about targeting the customer in all environments and on any device.

3. Rise of analytics

Traditional analytics have long been essential to business plans but the increase in big data in recent years has pushed the medium to the forefront. The vast amount of information coming from social media sites and IoT continues to fuel demand for a new range of analytical models and more sophisticated technology to harness it.

4. Biometric security

The data businesses collect is often sensitive and biometrics security is used as a way to protect it and the IT assets storing it. It ties a physical aspect of a person to particular resources, creating a unique authentication technique that can’t be imitated. The trend in biometrics security is likely to increase.

5. Mobile IDs

Mobile identities allow developers to find out who is using their apps and are a valuable way for businesses to paint a picture of emerging demographics. They can also make it easier to reach the same types of customers for future mobile products as well as target specific actions on apps with automated messages.

6. Three-dimensional printing

As 3D printers become more affordable and accessible, many businesses are already experimenting with their capabilities. From creating advertising materials such as lifelike, mini models based on customers to 3D food printers in restaurants, the potential held by this technology trend is massive.

7. M2M solutions

Machine to Machine (M2M) is set to become even more important in the coming year, as various devices begin to communicate with each other as well as with the web. For businesses, this could provide immediate feedback about how a remote asset is being used or when and why breakdowns appear to be occurring.

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