Resume mistakes: 7 deadly sins to avoid

Making careless resume mistakes could cost you the chance of gaining an interview, so be vigilant for seven of the most common (and easily avoidable) errors.

1. Misspelling

This feels like an incredibly obvious mistake, but you'd be shocked by the number of misspellings found in the average resume pile. When you've been working on something for a while, typos become harder to spot and spellcheck is not foolproof. Ask a friend to proofread for you or print out your resume so you can go through it word by word.

2. Oversharing

Yes, potential employers want to hear about your successes and achievements. However, they don’t care about the swimming certificate you received when you were eight. Keep your information relevant and avoid the addition of anything that hiring managers could see as too personal.

3. Poorly worded objectives

It's difficult to squeeze everything you want to say into one resume, and this can sometimes lead to slip-ups. Ensure that while your objectives are short and sweet, they also make sense.

4. Attachment issues

Writing a cover email is now a common addition to the business of submitting a resume. Unfortunately, the risk of making errors is also increased. Focusing on perfecting your cover email can distract, often resulting in forgetting to attach your resume. Before hitting send, take an extra second or two to confirm you're sending everything you need.

5. Too broad

Every employer wants to know what you can do for their business. Leaving hints that your resume is a generic one that you’ve sent to numerous companies for different roles is unlikely to get you far. Add specifics and always tailor your application to suit the role you're applying for.

6. Lying

A little exaggeration never hurt anyone, right? Well, when it comes to your resume, it can result in your removal from the applicant shortlist. Recruiters and managers who like the look of your application are likely to conduct a little research before organising an interview. Googling your background and making calls to your references may quickly reveal any lies or embellishment of accomplishments.

7. Being passive

This is your chance to sell yourself and your abilities. Don't make yourself sound like a wet blanket by choosing passive phrases. Focus on including active verbs, such as achieve, lead, create, increase or manage instead. Before you send your CV, catch those common errors and check out these tips to get your resume noticed for the right reasons.

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