The race that stops a nation: How your office can celebrate Melbourne Cup Day

The race that stops a nation: How your office can celebrate Melbourne Cup Day

Australia’s biggest racing event, the Melbourne Cup, kicks off today.

While Melbournians enjoy a public holiday for “the race that stops a nation”, the rest of Australia will be celebrating it with their workmates.

Whether you’ll be spending the day in the office or you’re planning to organise an event elsewhere, here are three fun suggestions on how to mark the Melbourne Cup.

1. Head out to celebrate

You may not be among the 100,000 or so punters who attend the actual race at Melbourne’s Flemington Racecourse, but why not attend an event? Venues across the country host Cup parties, so head down to the local pub or a nearby restaurant to celebrate.

Just make sure there’s a TV on hand so you can watch the race that stops a nation at 3pm!

2. Host your own event

Alternatively, have a party at the office. Ask staff to get dressed up and host a late lunch or afternoon tea, complete with catering, drinks and a big screen to view the action.

It’s a fun and social way to bring your office together for networking without excessive costs.

3. Run a sweepstake

Office sweeps are easy to organise. You can choose to keep it moneyless and award the ticketholder with the winning horse a prize.

Or, if you’re charging for tickets, you can give the winner a major share of the ticket sales, with second and third place sharing the remainder.

Watch the race that stops a nation

Whether you’re on a deadline or have back-to-back meetings, sometimes taking the afternoon off isn’t an option. Instead, aim to clear your calendar for half an hour, gather your colleagues and watch the Melbourne Cup online or on TV.

The rush of watching the race that stops a nation with a $6.2 million prize pool is bound to be an exciting and welcome distraction on a busy workday.

Creating a work environment that values its staff and thanks them through gestures such as social afternoons is a great way to encourage employee motivation and inspire staff.

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