Pollenizer: Start-up innovation for corporate business

Pollenizer start up innovation


In this video, Pollenizer CEO and co-founder Phil Morle discusses how business start-ups are creating an innovation practice that corporates can learn from.

Corporations are designed to optimise and scale value that already exists. Start-up innovation is focused on discovering something that does not exist yet. Starting only with an idea, and figuring out what might actually work as a business model.

Businesses can benefit from start-up science as it allows them to:

  • Disrupt their industries before they are disrupted themselves
  • Fail fast, fail cheap, and learn quicker than their competitors; and ultimately
  • Grow the profit centres of the future.

Pollenizer is an online venture builder based in Australia and South East Asia. They create brand new web/mobile businesses and grow them from idea through to sustainability with co-investment, talent, technical services, consulting and education.

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