Live video interviewing: Growing in acceptance?

Live video interviewing has been gathering momentum for a number of years. Will this be the year it finally becomes a widely accepted part of the recruitment canon?

Ease of application

Live video interviewing used to be an expensive and cumbersome process, but in a world in which most candidates already have access to their own webcams, it can be a useful tool. From Skype to specially branded videoconferencing tools, all the candidate needs is a quiet place and a suitable laptop, tablet or phone.

Extending the talent hunt

One of the biggest advantages of video interviewing is the freedom it gives you to open your process to suitable candidates from all over the world. Allowing access to a far greater talent pool than is possible with local interviews, it's great for ensuring the right person gets the job.

Saving time and money

Live video interviewing can also save considerable time for both the interviewer and the interviewee, as well as cut travel costs for both parties. Recruiters will also enjoy the ability to line up a selection of interviews at the times most convenient for them far more easily than is possible with conventional interviews.

Greener hiring practices

Another excellent advantage of making use of live video interviewing is the extent to which it can help the environment. Recruiters have the ability to vet candidates in depth over video calls, drastically reducing travel requirements and cutting carbon footprints.

Will videos replace face-to-face interviews?

Unless the circumstances are exceptional, most recruiters will still want to meet their favourite candidates face-to-face. That said, live video interviewing is a convenient way to whittle down a long list into a shorter one and to ensure there's little time and energy wasted during the interview process.

Transitioning towards live video interviewing may seem like a tricky prospect, but for more on the upsides of video for recruitment – both for the recruiters and the recruits – read our article on Are video interviews the future of recruitment?

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