Leveraging LinkedIn: Why join Groups?

Ready to get more from your LinkedIn presence? It's time to join some Groups and expand your reach.

Get together

LinkedIn Groups offer a great way to widen your circle of connections. As a Group member, you can connect with local businesses, find other professionals in your field and chat to influencers in a few simple steps. With more than 2.1 million Groups to choose from, you're sure to find plenty that pique your interest.

Grow your network

Groups also provide a brilliant way to increase your reach. Once your request to join one is accepted, you'll have the chance to interact with all other members. You may have 50 direct connections, but that reach could expand to thousands once you join several Groups. Pinpoint members that share similar interests and start connecting.

Send direct messages

One of the best features Groups offer is the ability to send direct messages to other members. LinkedIn doesn't normally allow you to message people you don't know. However, by joining a Group, you can introduce yourself to someone you were previously restricted from communicating with.

Join timely discussions

Show you're tuned in and up-to-date with what's going on in your field by taking part in timely and relevant discussions. When you're in a Group, you can share your opinions, debate current topics and start building a reputation as an engaged and active professional.

Submit your blogs

If you write quality articles or blogs, a LinkedIn Group can be a great place to find new readership. Be careful to limit the number of pieces you submit and share your blogs only in relevant Groups – the last thing you want is to gain a reputation as a spammer.

Pick your Groups wisely

Joining a Group is worth your while only if it’s well-managed. When assessing a potential new Group, there are a couple of things to look out for. Research the manager and find out whether he or she is vocal during discussions. Also, look to see if sensible rules are in place.

Grow your network and leverage all that LinkedIn has to offer by joining suitable Groups and creating the kind of profile recruiters are sure to notice.

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