5 reasons to consider living and working in Perth

By Robert Half on 2 October 2021
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Australia’s west coast city of Perth is well known for its high quality of life, vibrant city feel, idyllic climate, and easy access to some of the country’s best beaches.

Perth also attracts scores of new temporary and permanent residents each year because the metro area offers one of the lowest costs of living in Australia and a booming economy while having one of the highest living standards in the nation.

If you’re a skilled professional looking to find work in Perth, it might be time to start exploring job opportunities.

1. Economic growth leading to strong job prospects

Alongside strong international investment and business opportunities, economic expansion in WA is being driven by growth in key sectors such as finance and insurance, professional and technical services, public administration, mining and construction, and healthcare. Growing stimulus and business confidence in Perth is fuelling innovation projects across many sectors. This has created perfect conditions for ambitious jobseekers, with the creation of new jobs, ample professional development opportunities, and exciting and lucrative career pathways in the long term.

A recent report by Deloitte even highlighted that WA is facing a shortage of skills with job advertisements reaching a 10-year high and growing by 110% year-on-year – and this is likely push salaries upwards, particularly in the fields of finance and tech.

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2. International travel and business opportunities

Perth is also misconstrued for being remote, but in fact, the city is much closer to the rest of the world than Australia’s east coast. A short flight from Perth international airport will take you to most major hubs in Asia while there are non-stop connections to London. With Perth being the closest city to Europe and the UK, flights to Europe are about four to five hours shorter compared to other major Australian cities.

So much closer by time zone and distance to major trade markets in Asia, Perth’s businesses enjoy strong international connections with the city ranked number one for its Foreign Direct Investment strategy in the Asia Pacific region.

3. Affordability

Another key factor that attracts people to Perth from across Australia and internationally is the city’s affordability. While Perth is known for having generous wages for skilled professionals, the cost of living in Perth is one of the lowest in the OECD.

In The Economist’s Worldwide Cost of Living 2020 survey, Perth was ranked the 62nd most expensive city in the world, putting it far behind other Australian cities. Perth is also one of the most affordable capital cities in Australia to buy and rent a home.

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4. Amazing work-life balance

One of the greatest things about living and working in Perth is that a healthy work-life balance is easy to achieve. While Perth is known for its expansive city parks, the famous City Beach is only 15 minutes from the CBD making it possible to enjoy all kinds of recreational activities before and after work – especially during Perth’s long, dry summers.

The city also has a cosmopolitan shopping, restaurant, and bar scene while, unlike other major Australian cities, you can be out of the big smoke in a matter of minutes with escapes to beautiful natural regions such as the iconic Rottnest Island just a short ferry ride away.

Australians are also known for their laidback lifestyle, but this shouldn’t be misconstrued. Unlike other developed economies around the world, the Australian workforce and employers place high value on creating a healthy work-life balance while staying highly productive and achieving professional goals.

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5. Globally recognised for quality of life

Blessed with an idyllic climate, beautiful beaches, and nature reserves, Perth has all the makings of a great lifestyle, but the quality of life people enjoy in Perth is also owed to its world-class infrastructure and amenities. Perth is supported by a network of modern, fast-moving highways while suburban train lines connect all corners of the city – making getting out and about cheaper, easier, and stress free compared to life in many other cities.

Aside from avoiding the hassle of long commutes which are characteristic of most other metro areas, Perth also offers great healthcare when it comes to its accessibility, efficiency, and outcomes.

Unsurprisingly, Perth is ranked the sixth best city in the world to live in by The Economist’s Global Liveability Index 2021. Shooting up from 14th place in 2019, the city is rated highly for its stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.

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How to find a job in Perth

Exploring job opportunities in another state or country can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re starting with little knowledge of the local job market, culture, or way of life more generally.

Checking out the visa requirements to secure work in Australia is an important first step for those considering relocating to Perth from overseas. Importantly, you will need to apply and be granted a visa that is suitable for the length of your intended stay and the type of work you hope to undertake. The Australian Government offers advice online around a range of options for securing work visas in Australia from both temporary and permanent visas to visas specifically designed for innovation or select skilled occupations.

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Australia and the UK have recently reached an Agreement in Principle for the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that, amongst other initiatives aimed at stimulating economic growth, will introduce broader labour mobility provisions. Once approved, the FTA will make it easier for professionals, including, accountants and engineers to transfer and use their qualifications in the other country, highlighting the expected influx of skilled professionals from the UK to Australia – and vice versa.

Fortunately, you can get in touch with our Robert Half consultants to find out more about the available and future job options in finance, technology, or recruitment that could be right for you. Our experienced local area specialists will also gladly share useful insights about what life might look like for you and potentially your family after arriving in Perth, giving you the inspiration or the head start you need.

How to decide whether living and working in Perth is the right decision

Even if you think moving from another state or from overseas to work in Perth could be the right decision for you, there’s no doubt pandemic uncertainty could play a big part in your decision and timing. But don’t hold back because Perth’s economy isn’t waiting.

Exploring the job market in Perth could be a great place to start to learn more about the available opportunities and how they might align with your skills and interests. To gain a better understanding of the market, you can use the Robert Half Salary Guide to easily research the industries hiring in Perth including the qualifications and skills most in demand.

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What’s important to keep in mind is that while borders are currently restricted, remote roles across all industries are on the rise in Perth, which means that if you’re a domestic worker considering your options, it’s a good time to secure and begin a new job before committing to a physical transfer.

If you are looking to join a company that supports work-life balance and invests in your career development in Perth, why not consider a career at Robert Half? From recruitment to corporate services, our talent solutions team are helping to build Perth’s booming finance and accounting, and technology industries one person at a time.

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