What are the best paying jobs in administration?

By Robert Half on 8 May 2018

Digitisation and automation are trends that continue to impact recruitment in the administration sector in Australia.

While not necessarily reducing the number of available roles, these trends create a demand for candidates with both traditional administrative skills, as well as strong technical skills. Administration staff who can add significant value to an organisation through a mix of proficient technical and soft skills will be best remunerated.

Furthermore, research by Robert Half revealed that 94% of Australian hiring managers are planning to award salary increases to an average of 26% of their staff, so the news is promising for those looking to get ahead this year.*

Four of the best paying jobs in the administration sector have been detailed below. These roles have selected based on the 50th percentile or mid-point salaries for roles analysed in Robert Half’s Salary Guide. Find out what’s required to be top talent in the support industry this year.

Talent Acquisition Manager

Talent Acquisition Managers are responsible for developing and implementing innovative strategies for hiring and retaining top talent at an organisation. They often participate in the recruitment process for senior staff, growing networks and improving the hiring experience as they go.

Demands and responsibilities of the role include:

  • Providing information and training to all staff on sourcing strategies
  • Leading the cross-medium advertising of roles for an organisation
  • Supporting all recruitment staff and teams
  • Managing positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Participating in the recruitment process for executive-level staff

As one of the best paying jobs in administration, Talent Acquisition Managers need significant and highly relevant experience to succeed. Due to challenges to find skilled talent in a candidate-short market, Talent Acquisition Managers are in high demand due to the need for companies to not only fill roles, but also to streamline recruitment processes that are often one of the challenges of hiring.

HR Manager

The HR Manager is responsible for employment and human resources policies and procedures at an organisation. They also often lead the creation and implementation of recognition and reward programs, and develop training and development opportunities for employees.

Demands and responsibilities of the role include:

  • Ensuring all work activities are carried out in accordance with company’s guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Determining suitable staff salaries and remuneration policy
  • Supporting opportunities for employee development
  • Managing retention and succession planning
  • Assisting with the staff performance management and review process

Research by Robert Half found that staff retention is a top focus for employers, with 51% of Australian hiring managers using employee appreciation initiatives to keep their best people. As the role responsible for responding to this demand, HR Managers are one of the best paying jobs in administration. Additionally, HR Managers are senior employees with duties that are more strategic and complex than most in the sector, ensuring they are one of the best paid positions.

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Managers lead an organisation's customer service team, providing training and support to ensure that staff can meet customer needs. They are also required to find innovative ways to resolve customer issues, efficiently troubleshoot problems and ensure their team deliver a high level of customer service.

Demands and responsibilities of the role include:

  • Managing all customer service representatives at an organisation
  • Providing incentives for staff to perform consistently at a high-level
  • Identifying areas for improvement and being ready to lead change
  • Collating feedback and insights on customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Assisting with recruitment of customer service and administration staff

As a senior role that provides constant training and communication to customer service staff, combined with the strategic and complex nature of the responsibility, Customer Service Managers are one of the best paying jobs in the sector this year. Candidates with a refined combination of soft and technical skills, including CRM software, database management and Enterprise Resource Planning technology will be top talent.

HR Advisor / Business Partner

The HR Advisor / Business Partner of an organisation works closely with senior leaders to provide strategic advice on how HR aligns to overall business vision. The role advises on a range of policies and processes, ensuring the most effective use of human resources.

Demands and responsibilities of the role include:

  • Establishing strong relationships with key stakeholders to imbed best practice HR tactics
  • Assisting with the development of HR initiatives that increase staff engagement and productivity
  • Ensuring compliance with company OH&S policies and industry standards
  • Undertaking salary and remuneration reviews with senior staff
  • Participating in the recruitment process to identify efficiencies and streamline process

The position is more strategic in nature than others in the sector, requiring HR Advisors / Business Partners to holistically assess and improve HR and recruitment process at an organisation. Candidates for this role will need to demonstrate a high level of aptitude and experience in human resources to success in this role.


*Independent survey commissioned by Robert Half among 300 hiring managers in Australia

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