Top 10 jobs in Perth for UK citizens

By Robert Half on 10 January 2022

With one of the lowest costs of living in Australia and the world and a resilient, thriving economy, Perth attracts scores of new temporary and permanent residents each year – all attracted by the promise of a high quality of life and ample job opportunities. Voted the sixth best city in the world to live in by The Economist’s Global Liveability Index 2021, there are currently plenty of jobs in Perth for UK citizens looking for a change of lifestyle and a chance to advance their careers.

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Here's why you should consider living and working in Perth

Along with strong international investment and Perth’s attractiveness as a place for new business opportunities, Perth’s economy is being driven by growth in key sectors such as finance and insurance, professional and technical services, healthcare, public administration, and mining and construction.

Importantly, with job advertisements in the city reaching a 10-year high and growing 110% year-on-year, rising skills shortages and the upcoming ending of the border closures are only making it even easier to secure a range of jobs in Perth for UK citizens across many industries.

Aside from the likelihood of finding jobs in Perth for UK citizens, living and working in Perth brings many other perks.

With its idyllic climate, vibrant city feel with plentiful shops, bars, and restaurants, and beaches only 15 minutes from the CBD, a healthy work-life balance is easy to achieve for people with diverse hobbies and interests. What’s more, its unique location on the west coast puts Perth within easy reach of beautiful natural escapes like the famous Rottnest Island while a short flight will take you to major hubs across Asia with convenient connections to Europe. Non-stop flights to London are also available from Perth International Airport.

If you’re considering available jobs in Perth for UK citizens, checking out your visa options for Australia is also an important first step. You can visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs Visa Finder to help you find out what visa options might be most suitable for your circumstances and skills. Meanwhile, online resources and locally based recruiters might be able to help you match your skills to sponsored job roles currently available around the country.

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Here are the top 10 jobs in Perth for UK citizens considering the move.

1. Business Analyst

Companies are always looking for new ways to improve their processes and operate more efficiently, especially in Perth’s thriving and competitive market. Consequently, Perth’s attractive business environment offers a wealth of opportunities for talented business analysts from the UK who can analyse data, solve problems, and create new solutions in a changing market.

2. Developer

With digitisation accelerating across many sectors during the pandemic, developers experienced in creating, testing, and maintaining new computer software and applications are in high demand, yet short supply. With Perth home to many large companies across several major industries, developers will be integral to enhancing and delivering new products and services to customers and increasing internal efficiency in the quest to stay competitive.

3. Management Accountant

Companies are expanding in line with strong economic performance and need experienced management accountants to provide key insights that assist a company's management team in their decision-making process. With many organisations in Perth expecting to grow their finance team, management accountants are in high demand due to the business need for financial and statistical information.

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4. Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers with proven skills in managing an organisation’s cloud-based systems and processes are in demand as companies transition to more cost-effective solutions for managing operations. Working as a Cloud Engineer in Perth promises to be a rewarding experience, offering the chance to help businesses boost the bottom line while participating in exciting strategic projects within IT functions.

5. Recruiter

Companies across all industries are investing in growth, with hiring activity increasing – especially in the finance and technology sectors. As Australia’s job market gains more momentum in 2022, the demand for skilled recruiters has grown significantly with talent acquisition specialists being part of the fastest growing jobs.

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6. Financial Accountant

Experienced financial accountants are in high demand because they are considered essential to helping companies identify new revenue opportunities and achieve sustainable growth in a changeable and unpredictable market. With analysing large amounts of financial data being key to the role, financial accountants play an important part in developing competitive strategies – especially in booming economic times or times of recovery. The similarity of finance qualifications between the UK and Australia also makes it easier for UK professionals to transition to a career Down Under.

7. Assistant Accountant

Assistant accountants with the ability to support accounting teams and finance functions more broadly are being sought after by Perth-based companies as they expect an increase in financial activity in 2022. Working as an Assistant Accountant could expose candidates to varied experiences such as supporting more senior roles and projects in the finance function and it could even open long-term career opportunities in Australia’s growing finance sector.

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8. Systems Engineer

With companies in Perth increasing project budgets and prioritising digitisation strategies, systems engineers are becoming one of the most sought-after roles in Perth. Working on the front line of a organisation’s IT infrastructure, the role of Systems Engineer offers valuable career-building experiences and the chance to upskill in the areas of installing, configuring, testing, and maintaining operating systems, application software, and system management tools.

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9. AP/AR Officer

After a long period of change and uncertainty in the global business environment, companies are paying more attention to the importance of making sure payments are received promptly. Consequently, many organisations across Perth are seeking to increase accounts receivable headcount to ensure cash flow is maintained.
In a buoyant Perth economy, which has experienced minimal impacts from the pandemic compared to other cities, the number of financial transactions made by companies is expected to rise in 2022. As business confidence grows, many Perth-based organisations are recruiting accounts payable officers to cope with increased payments activity and ensure their financial obligations are met.

10. Systems Administrator

Maintaining and configuring computer systems is a top priority for companies focussing on digitisation and increasing the security and integrity of systems. A Systems Administrator is integral to ensuring the ongoing health of IT functions which now affect all business functions. As a highly rewarding job, they can take a leading role in advising on companies’ software and hardware needs as well as taking charge of important repairs and upgrades.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the potential jobs in Perth for UK citizens, check out our available roles in finance and technology.

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