Top 10 jobs in Brisbane for UK citizens

By Robert Half on 7 February 2022
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Brisbane is the capital of Queensland – an Australian state that stretches from NSW to the south and all the way up to the tropics of the far north. Located in one of the northernmost states in Australia, the city enjoys balmy summers and warm winters, and most importantly, there are plenty of jobs in Brisbane for UK citizens looking for a change of lifestyle.

With an enviable climate that contrasts the UK’s long winters and high rainfall, it’s not surprising that Brisbane ticks many boxes for UK expats and is one of the top destinations for people moving from the UK to Australia. Beckoned by Brisbane’s affordable housing, beachside living, cosmopolitan city vibe, and range of outdoor activities within easy reach, a high quality of life and healthy work-life balance is easy to achieve in the Sunshine State while its thriving economy continues to generate a diverse range of jobs in Brisbane for UK citizens.

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Here’s why you need to consider living and working in Brisbane

The top three employing industries in Brisbane include healthcare; professional, technical, and scientific services; and education and training. At the same time, several of Australia’s leading publicly listed companies are headquartered in Brisbane, spanning the industries of insurance and banking, transport, travel, retail, and property.

If you’re considering to apply for available jobs in Brisbane for UK citizens, it’s important to note that the city and the state of Queensland has one of the highest employment-to-population ratios in the country, which could stand you in good stead. Many Brisbane-based companies are now proactively looking for talent, especially in the fields of tech and finance.

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If moving to Australia from the UK is something you’re interested in, make sure you have the necessary Australian work visa. You can visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs Visa Finder to help you find out what visa options might be most suitable for your circumstances and skills. Meanwhile, online resources and locally based recruiters might be able to help you match your skills to sponsored job roles currently available around the country.

Here are the top 10 jobs in Brisbane for UK citizens considering the move:

1. Management/Finance Accountant

Experienced finance and management accountants are highly sought after because they are recognised as essential to helping companies achieve sustainable growth in a changeable and unpredictable market. Often leading teams responsible for analysing large amounts of financial data, finance and management accountants play an important role in identifying new opportunities and developing competitive strategies – especially in booming economic times. The similarity of finance qualifications between the UK and Australia also makes it easier for UK professionals to transition to a career Down Under.

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2. Administrative Assistant

As detail-oriented and highly organised professionals, administrative assistants are responsible for a broad variety of office-related tasks, such as sending communications, record keeping, scheduling meetings and appointments, and dealing with enquiries – among many others. With Brisbane’s strong economy set to accelerate in 2022, increasing workloads across many sectors will raise the demand for administrative assistants creating opportunities for temporary and permanent UK workers where there are shortages. The lack of language barrier will also make it easier for admin professionals to transfer from the UK to Australian working environments to offer immediate support.

Accountants from the UK have a valuable advantage in Melbourne’s job market, owing to the similarities between UK and Australian accounting systems, standards and qualifications. It lets UK accountants slide easily into a role in Melbourne, often with excellent prospects for career progression.

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3. Developer

With the pandemic having accelerated digitisation across many sectors, developers experienced in creating, testing, and maintaining new computer software and applications are in rising demand, yet short supply. With Brisbane home to many large companies across several major industries, developers will be integral to enhancing and delivering new products and services to customers and increasing internal efficiency in the quest to stay competitive.

4. Cloud Engineer

Responsible for managing an organisation’s cloud-based systems and processes, cloud engineers are in demand as companies make the switch to more cost-effective solutions for managing operations. A career in cloud engineering in the Sunshine State promises to be a rewarding experience, giving professionals the chance to help businesses boost the bottom line while participating in exciting strategic projects within IT functions across all sectors.

Professionals arriving from the UK with strong communication and customers management skills are often prime job candidates as their skill-sets can be readily transferred to Melbourne’s busy commercial environment.

5. Assistant Accountant

Supporting the accounting team and the finance function more broadly, assistant accountants are being sought by companies right across Brisbane as they expect a surge in activity in 2022. Moving from the UK to Australia could expose candidates to varied experiences – supporting more senior roles and strategies in the finance function – and could even open long-term career opportunities in Australia’s high-growth sectors.

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6. Business Analyst

In a thriving and competitive economy, companies are always looking for new ways to improve their processes and operate more efficiently. Consequently, Brisbane’s burgeoning business environment is a destination of choice for talented business analysts from the UK who can analyse data, solve problems, and create new solutions in a changing market.

7. Systems Engineer

As strong economic performance and business confidence leads to companies increasing project budgets and prioritising digitisation strategies, systems engineers are becoming one of the most sought-after roles in Brisbane. Motivated by being on the front line of a company’s IT infrastructure, working as a Systems Engineer offers valuable career-building experiences and the chance to upskill in the areas of installing, configuring, testing, and maintaining operating systems, application software, and system management tools.

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8. Systems Administrator

Responsible for the maintenance and configuration of a company’s computer systems, systems administrators are integral to ensuring the ongoing health of IT functions which now underpin and overlap with nearly all business functions. A highly sought-after and rewarding job, systems engineers take a leading role in advising on companies’ software and hardware needs as well as taking charge of important repairs and upgrades.

9. AR/AP Officer

In a buoyant Queensland economy and with pandemic woes drifting into the past, the number of financial transactions made by companies is expected to rise in 2022, while elevated business confidence is causing many organisations to increase headcount. As a result, Brisbane is a top destination for accounts receivable and accounts payable officers as workloads increase.

10. HR Officer/Manager

Brisbane has a huge number of opportunities for HR professionals looking to develop their skills. With recruitment activities on the rise and as companies also begin to fill roles with international talent again, HR officers and managers will be crucial to sourcing and onboarding the right candidates, including facilitating visas and offering support for incoming international staff.

With the pandemic having altered working behaviours, such as the rise of flexible and remote working, HR professionals also have a more fulfilling and dynamic role to play in organisations than ever before. HR staff are currently in demand to help companies develop and implement new policies and procedures capable of attracting and retaining talent in a new world of work while maintaining strong company cultures.

Ready to take the next step in your career and move to Australia? If you’re interested in finding out more about the potential jobs in Brisbane for UK citizens, check out our available roles in finance, technology, HR, and business support.

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