Tired of knockbacks? Our tips for avoiding job search burnout

By Robert Half on 10 July 2014

It's rare that you'll waltz into your dream job without a lot of long, lonely hours hunting for the perfect fit. Stay fresh and positive despite knockbacks with these top tips for avoiding burnout.

Be efficient and organised

Avoid unnecessary stress by keeping detailed records of your job search. That way, you'll be able to see at a glance when you applied to which job and whether you're in danger of missing out on any opportunities. A few daily and weekly goals can also give you a much-needed feeling of accomplishment when hunting.

Choose a focused approach

It's tempting to send your details to every company that's advertising, but it's a much better idea to focus your search on four or five businesses at a time. This stops you from wasting time applying for jobs that don't quite meet your skills, criteria and needs, as well as ensuring you're better prepared for the interviews you do get.

Schedule time off

In many ways, hunting for a job can be like already having one. From following up on leads to constantly tweaking your resume, a lot of mental energy goes into the search. Be sure to schedule coffee breaks and lunchtime walks, and give yourself a chance to refresh your attitude every day.

Get networking

Blow off a little steam in a way that could also help your job search. Set up lunch dates or drinks with professional friends and acquaintances, and don't be shy about explaining your situation. A little networking with some industry insiders can go a long way towards earning personal recommendations.

Make sure your resume stands out

A flamboyant approach to formatting or fonts won't please any recruiter, but a resume that stands out for the right reasons is sure to end up near the top of the pile. Find out how to make your application shine with some expert resume advice.

Stay active and exercise

There's nothing worse than sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring or your inbox to ping. Work regular exercise into your routine and you'll be able to shed stress and boost your general wellbeing – keeping that dreaded burnout at bay.

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