Mobile is your best mate when it comes to recruiting

By Robert Half on 25 November 2015

The rise and rise of the mobile phone has significantly impacted consumer and business behaviour and the way the two interact. In data released by Millward Brown last year it was revealed that Australians now spend more time on their smartphone each day than they do watching TV – 132 minutes to be precise*.

So with candidates attention turned to their phone, how do recruiters use this medium to their advantage?

In just five short years, mobile traffic to SEEK has grown exponentially from 5% to now make up 59% of total visits. But candidates aren’t just browsing, 30% of total applications are now received via the mobile site and associated apps*. The continued use of mobile throughout the day and night means that job seeking can be done anywhere and at any time, discretely. This has demanded an “always on” recruitment mentality, where our job ads must be available at any point in time, applications can be received at 2am and questions and testing can be completed on the commute home.

One of the key attractions of technology is the instant gratification it delivers. In fact it hones in our FOMO (fear of missing out) attitude and the thirst to be first with knowledge. Mobile delivers information instantly from a sender to your hand and it is candidates who access sites via mobile who get first views on job ads.   

It is commonly accepted that the rise of social media is linked to the rise in mobile technology use. Social media offers recruiters the ability to develop and strengthen their talent network at a digital distance, which is often more enticing for a candidate. It also offers a wider opportunity with clearer access to passive candidates. 

For SEEK, the next evolution on mobile is the movement to cater for a keyboard-less experience. This means design is a significant focus in the progression of the mobile site to better enhance the user experience. Touch buttons as opposed to keyboard functionality is the focus as we move to improve the experience of the job seeker to make engagement more intuitive and encourage increased completion rates for applications. One example of this is that we’re doing more to anticipate jobs that candidates are interested in based on their past behaviour rather than requiring the user to run a new search each time.

Candidates are using the full functionality of their mobile devices to maximise their job seeking efforts. Apps direct to source, push messages when jobs that match their criteria are posted, alerts via email, submitting applications and then of course teeing up the interview will all be done in the palm of their hand. To fully realise and embrace the opportunity mobile offers, hiring managers need to consider how their key touch points with candidates can be tweaked to fit within this medium. It will be important for them to consider: 

  • Mobile optimised websites
  • Concise ads that can be easily read on mobile
  • Mobile job alerts
  • Calendar appointments and reminders 
  • Ability to track the status of the application 
  • Applications that are easily processed through mobile
  • Push messages around key milestones in the application process. 

Mobile technology is set to penetrate our lives even further in the next few years as our device becomes a hub for every facet of our lives. Recruiters must embrace it and align their strategies with mobile to ensure they are not being left behind.

*Millward Brown AdReaction Survey 2014
*SEEK Data, March 2015

Andrew Knibbe is the Senior Product Manager for SEEK’s Candidate products and has 10 years of digital marketplace experience. His responsibilities include looking after the rapidly increasing number of candidates using the SEEK mobile site and iPhone, iPad and Android apps.  

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