6 dos and don’ts of joining the office sports team

By Robert Half on 16 September 2015

Whether you’re a serious athlete or enjoy boosting your endorphin levels with a dose of team spirit, joining the office sports team is a welcome alternative to an afternoon at your desk.

Signing up to play lunchtime soccer or social basketball with your colleagues can consolidate the connections you’ve made at work. However, it’s important to remember to keep your professional anxieties off the field.

Here are our top tips for joining the office sports team.

Do…embrace the chance to up your energy levels

It’s common knowledge that a sedentary working life can deplete your energy reserves while wreaking havoc with your health. Even if you’re not an avid sportsperson, leaving your computer screen to engage in regular exercise with your workmates can work wonders for your fitness, concentration levels and productivity.

Don’t… let workplace grievances affect your game

Your office sports team might inject fun into your workday, but it can be challenging to keep workplace politics off the field. Whether you’re playing against a colleague who won the promotion you were angling for or on the same side as a teammate whose world view clashes with your own, adopt a positive attitude and put your professional animosity to rest.

Do… cultivate camaraderie with team members

Sports can help you build relationships with your colleagues, and these team-building skills carry over to the office. Use this opportunity to abandon a quest for personal glory in favour of working towards a common goal.

Don’t… be a sore loser

If you’re highly competitive, there’s no denying that losing can hurt. However, simple gestures such as congratulating your opponents graciously and thanking them for the game can cement your reputation as a true team player – a quality that reaps rewards when you’re addressing obstacles back in the office.

Do… brush up on your leadership skills

On the sports field, the hierarchies that shape your organisation are replaced with a new set of rules. If you’re a junior who aspires to be a manager, or an assistant hungry to progress up the ladder, excelling on the sports field can show your boss that you’re capable of leading.

Don’t… let your competitiveness get the best of you

It might be easy to let competitiveness get the best of you, but remember that office sports are supposed to be fun. If you resist the urge to give in to petty conflicts and commit to playing fair, you’ll have more to gain from joining the office sports team.

From connecting with your workmates to boosting your leadership skills, there’s no shortage of incentives to play office sports. What would you nominate as the best reasons for unwinding with your colleagues on the field?


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