How to retain top talent

Recruiting great staff is one thing – but keeping them is another

Surprising as it might sound, it takes a lot more than an attractive salary to keep your employees happy.


It demands a great corporate culture where everyone feels recognised and rewarded.

Through our specialist experience filling thousands of permanent and temporary positions in the fields of finance and accounting, technology and administration, we’ve narrowed down four key ingredients we believe will help with employee retention. They also just happen to spell out KEEP (kudos, empowerment, excitement, and promotion).

Here’s an overview:


Remember: A little kudos goes a long way. 

  • Take the time to recognise your staff at meetings or in the company newsletter
  • Thank them verbally or with a small gift for birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries
  • Offer free coffee and snacks, occasional staff lunches, and tickets to sporting events or movies


Remember: Some freedom and a lot of trust will keep your team loyal. 

  • Listen to your employees’ opinions and act on their advice
  • Ask for feedback and respond immediately to any complaints and concerns
  • Reward wise risk-taking as well as results. Show your employees you have confidence in their ability to successfully do their job and learn from any mistakes.


Remember: A fun place to work is a great place to stay. 

  • You have to inspire and lead. Set the tone for employees to follow with an irresistibly positive attitude.
  • Offer your team assignments that challenge their intellects, giving them an opportunity to improve their skills and develop new ones.
  • Shout about your company’s successes. Everyone loves working for a winning team.


Remember: Most employees would rather quit than stagnate in a dead end job. 

  • Promote from within whenever you can. Internal promotions not only motivate staff but also shorten training times. Learn more about succession planning.
  • Develop career plans with your team. It’s only when you become familiar with their professional goals that you’ll be able to help them achieve them.
  • Educate your staff. Encourage them to attend seminars, courses or workshops to build their skills.
  • Mentor your staff. Give senior employees the satisfaction of helping less experienced staff members who will be thankful for the support.

And finally, while salary isn’t everything – it helps. Offering a competitive wage makes great business sense.

Cash-up your talent with these simple tips:

  • Structure salaries, bonuses, and benefits slightly above average and you’ll retain the best and brightest.
  • Consider providing profit-sharing plans to allow employees to capitalise on the company’s success.
  • Re-evaluate your salaries frequently to ensure they remain competitive. Robert Half’s annual salary guides can help you track salary trends.

By recognising hard work, providing opportunities for advancement and education and offering a salary, benefits and bonuses that reflect your employee’s worth, you’re likely to keep top talent in your business.

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