How to make every workday feel like Friday

There’s something addictive about the energy rush that sweeps workplaces on a Friday afternoon.

But this air of anticipation can also work wonders for your productivity and motivation during the week.

Here are three shortcuts to maintaining that Friday feeling all week long.


Start the day on a high note

There’s no denying that starting the day on a high can maintain your energy and enthusiasm as your day unfolds. That’s why it’s essential to invest in your adrenaline quotient before your morning commute. Whether this means taking time to sit down at a table over a wholesome breakfast or waking up early so you can fit in a sunrise run, addressing your wellbeing can help make your working life fun.

Schedule rewards throughout the week

It’s impossible to ignore the release that comes from sipping a pre-weekend drink. However, it’s easy to extend this feeling by scheduling rewards and treats during the week. Why not plan a lunch date with a friend on a Tuesday or enrol in a weeknight class that lets you explore a hobby you enjoy? Putting effort into your life outside work can help you approach your professional responsibilities with clearer eyes.

Listen to music

Listening to music while completing menial tasks can instantly lift your mood. Take your headphones to work and make an effort to listen to great music during an afternoon of administration. If your employer enforces a no-headphones policy, factor in time with your favourite artist when you’re commuting to and from work. Incorporating things you love into your workday can keep your happiness and productivity levels on a permanent high.

Whether it’s going for a jog in the morning or taking the time to unwind with a friend, making small changes during the week can make you feel like it’s Friday every day. 

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