How to keep your troops happy

Invest in your staff’s happiness and you’ll see some high returns

What’s the key to inspired, motivated, and happy staff? You! What starts at the top, filters down. As a manager it’s your role to help moderate the workplace and encourage a culture that is pleasant and productive. Here are a few tips on how to boost staff morale:

Put a smile on their dials

  • Don’t play favourites or enforce rules only when it suits you. Play fair and you’ll reap the rewards even during tough times.
  • Get to know your staff as individuals. Research shows employees are more productive and happy if they feel they’re recognised and not merely a nameless face in the crowd.
  • Watch everyone’s stress levels. When the pressure of heavy workloads takes a toll, consider hiring additional staff to lighten the load and improve morale.

Don’t make these mistakes:

  • Withholding praise.
  • Letting poor performance go unchecked.
  • Making the wrong hire.
  • Failing to keep your top performers.

Criticise, don’t chastise

Criticism is about changing outcomes not punishing mistakes. Keep it constructive with these tips:

  • Don’t jump to conclusions when something goes wrong. Figure out what happened and why and change your practices to eliminate the possibility of reoccurrence.
  • Criticise the work, not the person. Avoid framing your remarks to sound as though you are addressing an employee’s competency rather than their mistake.
  • Define the problem clearly so the employee understands exactly what they need to change.
  • Allow them the opportunity to respond.
  • Work with them to develop a solution together, rather than imposing your own remedy.
  • Keep tabs on the results. If an employee’s performance or behaviour does not improve following your constructive criticism, it may be time to move them to a different role within the company, or simply part ways and exit them from the business.

Consider some of the advice outlined above and see how you can implement it in your own workplace to help keep your troops happy.

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