How do you recruit the right team from scratch?

Whether your company has expanded, incorporated another division, or won a new contract – building a team from scratch can be an effective way to bring in fresh talent and ideas.

The recruitment process can be arduous, but taking the right steps at the beginning can save you time and hassle later down the track.


Detailed planning means that when it comes to selecting candidates you have a strong idea of what is required.

What are the goals?

Determine your goals for the team and how each individual will assist in its development and completion. Ask yourself, “where does this particular position fit in with the long and short term goals of the company”. Put together the responsibilities of the role and how you will measure the outcomes.

What skills does your team need?

Once you’ve fleshed out the goals for the team, map out the skills you need to achieve results. Does one of your staff members need computer programming competency, or particular behavioural attributes? It’s vital to know the kind of expertise you require before starting the interview process. Having a clearly defined list of requirements will make it easier to shortlist applicants. It also gives potential employees an indication of what will be required of them.

Does the personality fit?

Achieving the right mix of personalities can make a huge difference in the functioning of the team. The interview process is a crucial in working out whether someone will fit into the existing organisational structure and adapt to the environment. It is important to determine the key competencies, ask the right questions as well as check for references. When speaking to referees, ask about the candidate’s soft-skills, which include the ability to communicate, time management, response to criticism and working under pressure.

Do you need an expert?

If you feel stressed, short on time and overwhelmed by the thought of assessing candidates’ skills, use an expert. Not only do they understand the industry and hiring landscape, but also have access to top talent that may never come in contact with your job description. Plus, they’ll evaluate candidates for you so you can focus on running your team.

When you’re looking to hire, finding the right people can seem like a daunting exercise but being prepared and organised with a recruitment plan will give you direction and guidance.

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