Hiring? Here are 10 things to ask yourself

Don’t automatically replace ‘like’ with ‘like’. Instead, go back to the drawing board.

Good employees are your best asset but they are also your greatest expense. When it comes to deciding whether to hire or review the existing team structure, it is important to consider the following:

1. Take a look back – don’t automatically assume you have to find an exact replacement. Find creative alternatives. Have your internal systems changed since the position was last filled?

2. If an employee has left the company, are your remaining members of staff working overtime?

3. Are any team members stretched too thin, or are any bored?

4. Are you looking at the short and long term needs? Avoid panicking to fill a role or hiring out of desperation. Instead, take the time to work out what is best for your department.

5. Can you bring in temporary workers to assist when workloads really peak? This could reduce the stress for your existing team without hiring immediately.

6. How will you maintain the day-to-day business activities if your permanent headcount is decreased?

7. Evaluate your department’s day-to-day activities and identify workload trends over the last couple of years. Are there any repeated times when the workloads peak?

8. Can you shift a portion of your fixed staff costs to variable costs so that you can bring in additional support during challenging times?

9. What projects can you put on hold and which areas need more focus?

10. Can you create project teams that can quickly disband or regroup depending on current needs? It is important to think outside the box when considering your staffing requirements. Keep the above in mind before you make any rushed decisions. This could save you from hiring a resource that drains (rather than benefits) your current team.

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