First day-itis: How to tackle your first day on the job

You’ve snared a great job, but now that your official start date is approaching, your nerves are getting the better of you. Learn how to quell first day-itis and enjoy this new beginning.

The first day can be intimidating for anyone – even experienced professionals. Although first impressions are extremely important, it's well worth remembering that your colleagues and bosses will be willing to cut you some slack as you settle into your position. They all know how nerve-racking starting a new job can be.

Preparing ahead of time

In the days before you're due to start, spend time reminding yourself of important facts about your new company. Undoubtedly, you'll have done your research during the interview process, but there's nothing wrong with refreshing your memory.

To avoid any last-minute panic, take time to double-check all the starting information you've received. If you're unsure of anything, get in touch with the HR department. Make note of a few essentials to take in with you, such as your bank account details, for a smoother transition.

Have a positive attitude

Put your fears to the back of your mind and start your day with a positive attitude – you're far more likely to make a good impression.

As you make your new morning commute, take a few minutes to reflect on the fact that the company chose you for the job. Think about the skills and qualities you included on your CV and know that you have what it takes.

Banish those nerves

Your first day on the job is likely to be a whirlwind of introductions and new faces, so don't be shy about introducing yourself to your colleagues in the kitchen. If you know you've met someone but can't remember their name, make light of it and ask them to remind you. It's fine to struggle for the first few days, but you will eventually need to put the right name to the right face.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – it's better to make sure you're getting things right than to work away in uncertainty. Take notes, too – you don't want to be asking the same thing over and over again. And although you might think you know best when it comes to certain tasks, your first day is not the time to say so. Be open and warm, and show you're willing to listen – you're sure to become friendly with your new workmates in no time.

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