Exit interview must-dos

You can learn a lot from members of staff as they are walking out the door. They take with them a lot of knowledge and valuable insights into what your team is really thinking. Conducting an exit interview can often give you insight into company problems, which you may be unable to get elsewhere.

Here are three top tips for getting the most from an exit interview:

1. Prepare

Remember, an exit interview may be your last chance to get an appraisal of your firm from a soon-to-be-ex employee. Prepare your questions ahead of time or create a form that helps keep the interview on track.

2. Leave your feelings at the door

Departing employees don’t always have the nicest things to say. Be prepared to deal with answers you won’t like to hear and don’t take anything personally. Those who depart under less than optimal circumstances may take this opportunity to vent their pent-up anger at their interviewer.

3. Listen

Keep your comments to a minimum. Simply ask the questions you’ve prepared and let the leaver do the rest. It’s best to listen and distil what you hear into information you can use.

Although exit interviews may not always be the easiest of exchanges, don’t let former employees leave without finding out why.

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