How to find the best recruitment agencies

By Robert Half on 16 March 2015

Recruitment agencies can add real value to your firm, providing expert knowledge and contacts to help you find the right staff for your business.  But, with a wealth of agencies to choose from, how do you go about choosing the right recruitment service for your company?

First up, let’s see how professional help can support your business.

Fast-track the hiring process – a key benefit of using a recruitment agency is rapid hiring timeframes. With quality candidates already vetted and available, an agency can streamline the hiring process, potentially reducing the time it takes to bring a new employee on board by up to eight weeks.

Reduced risk of bad hires – when you consider the cost of a bad hire to your business, it makes sense to work with a recruiter. Candidates are thoroughly screened, and in some cases the top talent has worked with the same recruitment agency in the past, so they have a strong understanding of their skills, experience and employment history.

Identifying an effective recruitment agency

There are several key factors to consider when it comes to choosing a recruitment agency that will deliver outstanding service.

Scale - Larger recruitment firms especially global ones, have considerable depth of talent among their own teams. This gives your business the benefit of extensive experience across industries and sectors, as well as giving you up to date advice on the best marketing channels and mediums to use in sourcing top talent, and the latest remuneration trends.

Scope - Recruitment agencies with national reach are better placed to draw on a broader range of candidates including talent located in other states – something that can be especially valuable in recruiting for specialist roles or executive positions.  Quite simply, recruiters with an extensive network can have access to candidates that you don’t.

Client lists – You can tell a lot about a recruitment agency from its client base. Enquire about companies the firm works with to determine if the agency has experience working with your size and type of business. Read client testimonials if they are available.

Specialisation – Today’s workplace demands specialist skills, and recruitment agencies with teams that focus on particular skills sets like accounting, IT or financial services, have access to a vast pool of candidates with in-demand skills and relevant qualifications and experience. Recruitment firms offered specialised teams understand your hiring needs so you can be confident the candidates they provide meet or exceed the requirements of the role.

Hiring process – A quality recruiter will add value to the hiring process. Ask how long it will likely take for the recruitment agency to have a shortlist of candidates? What evaluations will the recruitment firm perform before you meet a potential hire? How many individuals will you be offered for interview?

Make sure you understand how involved you are expected to be when working with a recruitment agency. The best firms will handle the heavy lifting for you, while remaining in touch on a continual basis so they present only those candidates who meet your unique needs.

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This article was adapted from Financial staffing agencies: how to find the best recruiter of the bunch which originally appeared on the Robert Half Finance & Accounting blog.

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