Case study: Shipping logistics

By on 14 July 2022

Company specifics

  • INDUSTRY: Shipping logistics
  • COMPANY SIZE: Mid-sized global; +300 local employees
Estimated Read Time: 2 minutes


1. Business situation

The company identified that the existing logistics execution platform didn’t integrate well with all areas of the business – particularly finance – and financial reports often lacked accuracy. Additionally, the organisation had acquired another shipping logistics organisation that utilised a different ERP system.

An ERP solution was required to address the weaknesses in the current platform while also integrating the newly acquired business under one system.

2. The solution we offered

High-performing ERP project managers are in limited supply, but Robert Half undertook a wide search leveraging our ERP network and database. The client insisted the ERP Manager had prior experience in logistics or shipping with strong communication and influencing skills given the many internal stakeholders involved.

Robert Half presented the client with four excellent candidates. From brief to start date, the process was completed in only one month which was crucial to the large-scale, business-critical and high-value nature of the project.

3. Client's return on investment

Working with key stakeholders in the US, Australia and New Zealand, the ERP Project Manager took responsibility for integrating the ERP systems of both companies while making enhancements to its finance capabilities. The project requirements included evaluating, planning, integrating and coordinating the work during all phases of the ERP review and integration process.

Within four months, one system was successfully implemented across the organisational structure with improvements to the finance functionality. Consequently, the ERP Project Manager has been able to identify more than US$1 million in cost savings across the company.

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