Case study: Multiple roles in finance and IT

By on 30 June 2022

Company specifics

  • INDUSTRY: Manufacturing/Defence
  • COMPANY SIZE: Medium; 200 employees
  • REVENUE: $200 million
Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes


1. Business situation

The company was recently acquired by a larger parent firm alongside another acquisition which required a multiple entity overhaul of all IT and finance functions.

In particular, the company sought to simplify and streamline financial controllership and costing functions. Processes also needed to be integrated with the second acquired enterprise across finance, costing, production, billing and IT systems.

2. The solution we offered

With the company never having had a corporate in-house finance team, Robert Half worked closely with key stakeholders in the company to determine which new finance roles would be required to achieve their objectives. By setting up back-to-back interviews with three shortlisted and pre-screened candidates for the roles of Financial Controller and Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, the client was able to extend job offers to their preferred applicants two weeks after first approaching Robert Half.

Robert Half also assisted with the hiring of an ERP-focused Business Analyst who could map all current requirements and conduct an analysis to help drive successful integration with the new parent company. The role was filled within one week after initiating the search.

Following the analysis, the company required our assistance to find a qualified Project Manager to manage the ERP implementation across the newly acquired company. Having an excellent understanding of the business’ needs and tapping into our vast network of pre-vetted talent, Robert Half was able to present the client with three suitable candidates within one week, resulting in the position being filled the same week.

From an IT perspective, our specialised recruitment consultants partnered with the incumbent IT Manager to identify the roles most needed to streamline their IT infrastructure, processes, security (NIST) and frameworks. Our partnership helped the company integrate successfully into the parent company, and provided them with the ability to acquire additional companies and easily integrate them in the future. This thorough assessment resulted in the client identifying a need for a qualified Systems Engineer and a Head of Cyber-security. The organisation extended a job offer for both roles one week after having reviewed the resumes of the proposed applicants.

3. Client's return on investment

The Financial Controller and Financial Planning & Analysis Manager successfully stabilised, standardised and simplified financial processes, transactions, costing, production, and billing and reporting across the company.

While initially hired as contractors, both the Financial Controller and the Financial Planning & Analysis Manager were offered a permanent contract to help restructure the company’s finance department and identify the financial talent the organisation needed to operate successfully.

A review of the company’s internal IT infrastructure has been conducted by the Systems Engineer, enabling the company to roll out a sustainable plan for installing, configuring, maintaining, and continually improving company operating systems, software and system management tools.

By onboarding systems engineering and ERP skills together, the company has successfully developed and implemented process management software which is responsive to business needs and highly optimised for speed and operational efficiency. Integrated applications have also been employed to automate functions related to finance and other business areas, freeing up human resources.

The Head of Cyber-security successfully delivered the necessary accreditation, security protocols and procedures. More advanced capabilities around cyber-security have helped to minimise the risks and threats that would otherwise be experienced as the company further digitised and streamlined their finance function.

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