Case study: Managed IT Recruiting Services

By Robert Half on 3 February 2022

Company specifics

  • INDUSTRY: Manufacturing and distribution
  • COMPANY SIZE: Global
  • SOLUTION: Managed IT Recruiting Services
Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes


1. Client challenge

A global industrial conglomerate established a program management office (PMO) within their corporate organisation to manage projects that would impact multiple entities across their business.

With exploding demand for their services, the PMO was tasked with developing a creative solution to address their lack of skilled resources. There were strict limitations placed on the number of permanent employees that could be hired. However, their current internal recruiting process was too slow to meet the urgency, and the risks associated with co-employment needed mitigation.

2. Our approach

  • We deployed a Talent Delivery Manager who developed a customised strategic and targeted recruiting plan with key benchmarks, tailored to the clients’ specific cultural requirements.
  • We also deployed an Operations Delivery Manager to manage onboarding, provide coaching, and deliver reporting against key benchmarks.

3. Value delivered

  • Increased the availability of the client’s PMO leadership to focus on strategic initiatives and overall performance of the group.
  • Enabled the PMO to react eight times faster to service requests compared to using their internal team.
  • Decreased the training and on-boarding time by half for contract employees.

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