Case study: Insurance project manager

By on 6 May 2022

Company specifics

  • INDUSTRY: Insurance
  • REVENUE: $16 billion globally
Estimated Read Time: 2 minutes


1. Business situation

As part of its digital transformation strategy, the company sought to leverage their existing data to generate valuable insights and shape their future strategic direction. On their path to advancing their business intelligence (BI) capabilities, the company sought to find a tool that would meet the requirements of their individual business units, specifically for finance reporting and finance metric dashboarding.

A Project Manager with excellent BI skills was needed to assist the organisation with becoming a more data and insights-driven business.

2. The solution we offered

After thoroughly assessing the client’s needs, Robert Half was able to leverage its network of highly qualified contractors to find the client a Project Manager with niche skills within one week.

3. Client's return on investment

The Project Manager has worked with key stakeholders across different functions to understand their current business intelligence, data analysis and finance reporting capabilities, as well as what information each business unit needed. This included a discovery phase to confirm the unique dashboards and visual charts required by multiple stakeholders going forward.

Since the appointment of the Project Manager, the company’s internal BI development team have benefited from strong leadership which has educated the wider organisation and brought their thinking in line with business goals and priorities. In this context, the Project Manager has been able to leverage the development team’s skills to create the BI systems required, carry out stringent testing to avoid the risk of inaccurate data and quickly deploy new dashboards with real-time financial information.

The company now benefits from more accurate and timely business information, as well as finance reports which can be appropriately segmented and used to generate sales and retarget products.

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