Case study: Helping a financial company find talent solutions

By on 17 March 2022

Company specifics

  • INDUSTRY: Superannuation and investment
  • COMPANY SIZE: Medium; 50+ employees
Estimated Read Time: 3 minutes


1. Business situation

Due to the company’s continued rapid expansion, they were in need of developing a long-term technology strategy and undertake an IT audit in accordance with APRA regulations. The business’ aim was to manage the project independently, but they lacked the in-house expertise.

The company reached out to Robert Half with a Statement of Work (SOW) rather than outsource. They wanted to manage the project themselves, with Robert Half providing a talent pipeline of highly qualified technology specialists.

To successfully accomplish the goals outlined in the SOW, the company sought to engage Robert Half’s talent solutions, including our global advisory arm, Protiviti, that specialises in technology risk, cyber-security, and cloud infrastructure.

2. The solution we offered

To meet the company’s objectives, Robert Half responded to the SOW with a blended solution. We provided skilled IT contractors who could enter the business to deliver the project objectives while providing strategic project management and quality assurance oversight from Robert Half’s consulting arm, Protiviti.

The solution of developing a tailored technology strategy was organised through Protiviti with the client leveraging Robert Half’s contractor workforce. As the company retained full ownership of the project’s facilitation and outcomes, the typical recruitment process was not required and thus expedited the project sign-off to three weeks.

The advantage of working with Robert Half using a SOW was not only providing staff augmentation services and industry experts, but also strategic oversight through Protiviti’s consulting capability – when the need arose.

3. Client's return on investment

Using the combined consulting and resourcing efforts of Robert Half and Protiviti, a complete IT framework was delivered to the company efficiently and on deadline. Specifically, the company was quickly resourced with senior IT experts who were overseen and empowered by the added strategic capabilities of Protiviti – also giving the company extra assurances around quality and project deliverables.

The Technology Risk Consultant conducting the IT audit not only met the APRA deadline, but was also able to provide further insight into risk and compliance gaps which needed to be urgently addressed – expanding the SOW.

As an alternative to using a consulting firm, Robert Half’s blended solution under a SOW arrangement meant the client was able to retain control and ownership of the project while benefiting internally from experienced subject matter experts, rather than handing over the delivery to external generalist consultants at a higher cost.

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