Case study: Finding a Cloud Engineer for a financial trading company

By on 31 March 2022

Company specifics

  • INDUSTRY: Financial trading
  • COMPANY SIZE: Mid-sized global; 150 employees
Estimated Read Time: 3 minutes


1. Business situation

Following a resignation, the organisation needed to replace their infrastructure and Cloud Engineer. The job functions were highly specialised with the company seeking an experienced Engineer who had both SAN storage and cloud infrastructure engineering experience.

The company engaged Robert Half after three weeks of searching because they had not been successful in finding quality candidates using another recruitment agency.

2. The solution we offered

By reviewing a vast database of pre-vetted talent and conducting extensive searches on various recruitment channels, Robert Half found the client five quality candidates within one week.

Candidates with the required technical competencies, as well as strong interpersonal and analytical skills were put forward. These skills would offer the company peace of mind that the talent would be equipped to work with other key stakeholders to research and present the most viable options for changes to the company’s IT systems.

After scheduling back-to-back interviews with all five pre-screened candidates, the client was able to quickly identify the most suitable candidate resulting in the role being filled within one week.

3. Client's return on investment

Within six weeks, the candidate conducted a review of the company’s existing SAN storage. With their experience and knowledge of building tools and utilising automation to eliminate manual processes, the candidate successfully reconfigured the existing storage infrastructure arrangement, saving the company $80,000 in costs for storage provisions.

The Infrastructure and Cloud Engineer’s proficiency in ongoing process improvement and performance tuning has helped futureproof the business. The ability to recognise business issues and their impact, continually develop and enhance cloud enablement tools, optimise resources, and help refine the cloud ‘future state’ roadmap and overall strategic technology direction has been key to the successful completion of the project.

Whether you need one person or an entire team, we match you to skilled contract and permanent talent in technology. Our recruiting specialists can quickly find you the talent you need.

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