Case study: Finding a CISO for a technology company

By on 23 June 2022

Company specifics

  • INDUSTRY: Technology
  • COMPANY SIZE: Large; 5,000 employees
Estimated Read Time: 3 minutes


1. Business situation

The company’s long-term Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) had to leave at short notice, so it was essential to source a replacement promptly to ensure security compliance requirements were maintained.

2. The solution we offered

Robert Half presented the company with six quality candidates for interview, and within three weeks, a new CISO was selected and appointed to the role. Unfortunately, the newly appointed CISO decided to leave the company after only two months.

As part of Robert Half’s replacement guarantee, permanent candidates are replaced free of charge if they’re considered unsatisfactory or leave within the first 90 days. Pursuant to the replacement guarantee, the Robert Half consultants engaged with both the departing CISO and key company stakeholders to identify and address the pain points which led to the short tenure.

With this insight, the recruiter then initiated a search for a new CISO, quickly finding another suitable candidate while ensuring they would not face the same initial challenges after being appointed.

3. Client's return on investment

To minimise the chances of future disruption, Robert Half’s replacement guarantee process revealed a series of challenges faced by the previous CISO. Fundamentally, it was determined and agreed by company stakeholders that geographical barriers between the Australia-based CISO and stakeholders in the US prevented the CISO from receiving the necessary support and direction to fulfil role requirements.

The company was able to immediately respond to the advice provided by Robert Half by making changes to the business structure and adjusting reporting lines, so the role would be adequately supported. Specifically, the replacement candidate now reports to UK-based stakeholders who have greater capacity to support and collaborate with the Australian CISO. The replacement CISO remains within the role and is providing the company with stable and ongoing support around information security.

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