Case study: Finance transformation consultant

By on 4 August 2022

Company specifics

  • INDUSTRY: Financial services
  • COMPANY SIZE: Medium; +275 employees
Estimated Read Time: 2 minutes


1. Business situation

A private equity firm had acquired a portfolio business in the mortgage sector. The acquired company had experienced many financial audit issues. Their year-end audit from two years ago had not been completed and they were also failing to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

2. The solution we offered

After an initial consultation, Robert Half recruiters identified that the competencies required for the position included project management experience alongside strong technical accounting skills – a combined skillset that is hard to find in today’s market.

By reviewing our existing network of pre-vetted contractors, Robert Half consultants were able to present the client with four suitable candidates within a matter of days. A successful placement was subsequently made within a short timeframe.

3. Client's return on investment

Since the appointment, the Finance Transformation Consultant has focused on cleaning up audit breaches and finalising financial reports dating back two years.

As part of the project, a series of compliance and financial audit issues have been successfully identified and resolved. Robust processes and protocols have been designed and implemented to ensure the company meets all requirements of regulators and auditors going forward, including ensuring year-end financials are completed and signed off on time.

A once distressed business with compliance and audit breaches has now successfully transformed into a business that meets regulatory compliance requirements on time and efficiently.

Whether you need one person or an entire team, we match you to skilled contract and permanent talent in finance and accounting. Our recruiting specialists can quickly find you the talent you need.

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