Case study: ERP Project Manager with a finance background

By on 7 July 2022

Company specifics

  • INDUSTRY: Financial services
  • COMPANY SIZE: Medium – ASX-listed; 250 employees
  • REVENUE: $100 million
Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes


1. Business situation

Two companies within the financial services industry had merged to form one enterprise. Both companies were operating on two separate accounting systems which caused delays and difficulties when closing out their month-end and full-year financial reports. At that point, full-year reports were taking around five months to complete.

The board decided to invest in a new ERP system but first needed to source the talent and skills required to assess and implement the best ERP system for their needs.

2. The solution we offered

At the initial non-binding project consultation, Robert Half consultants and key company stakeholders assessed that the company would benefit from an independent approach to the selection of a new ERP system, rather than engaging vendors directly.

For the first phase, the client required an ERP Project Manager with a finance background, well-developed stakeholder management skills, business acumen and extensive ERP experience across different systems. By leveraging a vast talent pool of readily available contracting talent, Robert Half was able to present the client with four suitable contractors within one week. The client extended an offer the following week.

After an independent assessment of multiple ERP systems, the ERP Project Manager secured board approval for the capital cost to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365. The ERP Project Manager led the resource planning and implementation.

The ERP Project Manager also assembled the project team, selecting a blend of internal resources, talent from the vendor and additional contractors. Robert Half assisted the organisation with the deployment of the ERP system by placing a Systems Analyst and a Business Analyst within one week.

3. Client's return on investment

The ERP Project Manager conducted a review of all current processes and structures within the two different organisations. Following the review, the Project Manager was able to build a Request For Proposal and Request For Information documents that were finely tuned to the organisation’s needs and invited vendors to tender for the implementation of one streamlined system.

The ERP Project Manager worked closely with the external IT vendor on the design of the system ‘To Be’, putting in timeframes and planning the crucial User Acceptance Testing phase to ensure issues were resolved and training requirements were addressed. Post ‘go live’, the organisation benefited from the process reengineering that the Project Manager had established with the finance team.

By engaging an independent ERP Project Manager, the company has benefitted from a comprehensive vendor selection and implementation process resulting in a fully functional customised solution that delivers a real ROI. In particular, the time taken to close out month-end reports has reduced to under one week and full-year reporting has decreased from five months to under one month. The CFO has rated the ERP deployment as one of the best experienced.

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