Case study: Cloud migration and application support

By on 7 April 2022

Company specifics

  • INDUSTRY: Manufacturing and distribution
  • SOLUTION: Cloud migration and application support
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1. Client challenge

A global medical device company found its innovative ambitions limited by software with thousands of connected devices deployed in hundreds of hospitals worldwide. Modules in the devices, developed over two decades of rapidly evolving technology, only worked with the device for which they were created. That meant with every product line and every piece of software, any update had a much longer development cycle. If the company fixed an issue in one device, the solution had to be reengineered for all of the other devices.

Another challenge was the hard limit on the number of devices that could be read on a single system, requiring larger facilities to create ‘virtual’ servers for data collection that had to be aggregated manually.

In order to meet the evolving market demands and business requirements across multiple products and solutions, the client needed to migrate to the cloud and modernise its application framework and related software.

2. Our approach

Following a detailed operational assessment, we developed a transformational roadmap and developed a proof of concept (POC). Based on the success of the POC, the project team, made up of both the client’s workforce, as well as consultants from Protiviti and subject matter experts from Robert Half, began breaking down legacy applications and reconfiguring them as reusable modules.

We implemented the multi-tenant cloud-hosted solution built on the following tools: Microsoft Azure Service Fabric, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure IoT, and Azure Machine Learning.

These combined solutions dynamically analyse real-time sensing data from medical devices and historical medical record information, and communicate potential patient risk and hospital protocol actions directly to caregivers at the point of care.

3. Value delivered

The client’s newly implemented solutions integrated data from the company’s medical devices (including smart hospital bed systems, vital signs monitors, and other connected devices) and hospitals’ electronic medical records through a common gateway infrastructure.

The digital solution offerings implemented by Protiviti and Robert Half have enabled healthcare providers to dynamically analyse real-time patient health data and communicate potential patient risk and healthcare facility-defined mitigation actions directly to caregivers, enabling care teams to focus on their passion—helping patients get better sooner.

By continuously advancing and integrating the solutions, the client enabled clinicians to be vitally connected to their patients by delivering timely data and actionable insights. That means more accurate diagnoses, earlier intervention, and faster recovery times.

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