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Being a manager often means juggling between recruiting new staff and leading your current team. While there are no shortcuts when it comes to being an employer, there are ways to stay ahead of hiring and market trends. Ensure that your recruitment and management strategy is compelling with insights from Robert Half.

Quiz: How much do you know about the ASX 200-listed CEOs?

While it may be years, even decades away, the CEO position is often in the sights of many would-be leaders. But what does it take to be at the very top, specifically the ASX 200-listed CEOs? Take our quiz to find out.

6 signs you need to bring in staff for temp work

With a New Year come new projects, and for some companies, new temp work opportunities. Here are six signs that you might need to bring in some extra temporary staff to fill the void.

Hiring the right employee: 10 red flags to watch out for

Finding the right employee can often be similar to finding the right partner. Someone who looks good on paper, is not necessarily the best person for the job. Here are some common deal-breakers to consider when looking at hiring the right employee.