Employee engagement surveys: what do your staff really think?

Do you know what your employees think about your company? Find out what makes staff tick, boost engagement and create a more effective organisation.

Employee engagement surveys are a data-driven approach to understanding your organisation. They provide a benchmark to work from, and are an essential building-block in running more effective teams. A survey is also the first step in identifying problems and implementing solutions as well as understanding strengths and capitalising on those.

Find out what your staff really think

A company’s competitive advantage is its people, and uncovering what staff members really think creates a powerful tool. An employee engagement or satisfaction survey allows you to ask direct questions – those you wouldn’t normally in a face-to-face discussion. As employee engagement surveys are anonymous, people are generally more honest than they normally would be. They might include questions such as “would you recommend this organisation to someone else?”.

Identify blockages

A well-executed survey can also be a great way to identify issues which can then be solved and hopefully boost staff morale. If employee engagement is low, a detailed survey can help you find the issues that are directly impacting employees, allowing you to work through solutions with your teams.  If results are a surprise it’s important to take the time to understand them, and then talk about the issues that are otherwise not being spoken about openly in your organisation. Generally, employees appreciate the opportunity to be heard as it shows you are interested in their feedback and well-being.

Tackle workplace frustration and dissatisfaction

AON Hewitt’s 2014 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report confirmed that engaged workers are more profitable. It found the top quarter of companies for engagement outperformed the average by 4 per cent on both sales growth and total shareholder return, and 2 per cent on operating margin.

Every single employee who moves from disengaged to engaged will improve the organisation’s overall success. Once they are engaged, people become more productive and creative.

Once you've found out what your staff think, find out how to implement the results of your employee engagement survey.

Rebecca Supierz leads the HR function at SEEK for three business units – Employment & Learning, Product, Development & Strategy and Finance. Before joining SEEK in 2013, Rebecca spent nine years in a diverse HR career at Telstra, leading teams across Global Contact Centres, Telstra Digital, retail and consumer as well as the engineering functions.

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