Do you need a career coach?

A few sessions with a career coach can be a great way to kick-start a stalled career, but do you really need one to get back on track? Find out whether a career coach is the right option for you.

Why see a career coach?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the labour force was underutilised by 13.5 per cent in February – that represents a sizeable proportion of the population without work. Could a career coach give you the help you need to take a much-needed step up the job ladder?

Although working with a career coach offers no guarantees, it could increase your chances of being able to find the right fit for your skills. Good reasons for seeing a career coach include:

You're unsure whether you're in the right job
Many people spend so much time working to get ahead that they don’t have the opportunity to see whether they're still headed in the right direction. A session with a career coach can offer you the time needed to step back and look at your portfolio of skills to find out whether there's a better fit somewhere else.

You're reeling from a recent event
Redundancies can affect even the most successful candidates, leaving you confused, anxious and unsure about what to do next. Rather than feeling defeated, use unexpected events as a way to create positive change. A redundancy or restructuring is rarely a comment on your abilities, and a coach can help you focus on the positives and perfect your CV before you get back in the market.

You feel you're off track or floundering
We all know that the job you apply for isn't necessarily the one you'll end up doing. Sometimes this offers big benefits, and you may find you've picked up more unique talents during your career than you realised. Getting some outside help can be very useful when assessing your abilities and finding out whether the job you're in is making the most of them.

You're looking to get back to work
Whether you've been on parental leave, out of the job market due to illness or simply off adventuring, the first few steps back into the fold can be tough. A coach or consultant can help you find your feet again after an extended break, giving you the confidence to get back out there.

Is a career coach right for you?

Despite the potential positives, hiring a career coach is a big decision – and you need to make sure you get the right fit. Pay close attention to the cost of coaching sessions, and be sure you approach only those coaches who have a reputation for success.

Have you ever used a career coach? Share your experiences - good and bad!

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