Changing Careers: How to apply for the career of my dreams

Career change video



This video is the third instalment in our "Changing Careers" series. Discover the other content in the series below:

So you've decided you're ready for a change in career. Now what? It's hard enough making a decision to embark on a new career but once you have, the challenge can be breaking into your new field and securing the job of your dreams. In this video, Emma Richardson, division manager at Robert Half, shares her career change advice and provides tips on:

  • How you should prepare for a career change
  • How to address little or no experience on a resume
  • The key things you need to get across when you're interviewing for a new career

We also speak to Nick Freedman, Leadership and Culture Facilitator, about the personal benefits of choosing the right career, the warning signs you might be in the wrong career and his advice for overcoming the obstacles to making a career change.

Watch our video now to get all the career change advice you need to get your new job off to a great start.

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