Case study: Skilled IT talent for an education institution

By on 24 February 2022

Company specifics

  • INDUSTRY: Education
  • INSTITUTION TYPE: Higher Education
  • COMPANY SIZE: 1,000+ employees
Estimated Read Time: 2 minutes


1. Business situation

While the university faculties were expanding, the institution lacked the IT support required to support the rapid departmental growth. Additional desktop support staff were needed to assist multiple campuses, students, teachers, and faculty members. The university required not only 10 tech support experts with experience in a tertiary education setting, but also technical knowledge and rigorous soft skills such as time management and flexibility to meet changing demands and expectations across the university environment.

Budget restrictions and demanding internal and governmental approval processes also made it challenging to increase permanent headcount, placing additional pressure on the existing IT team. To maintain the necessary flexibility, the university decided to hire contract professionals to meet immediate demands.

2. The solution we offered

After an in-depth consultation with the university, Robert Half tapped into their vast database of pre-screened contract talent to find skilled IT support staff with technical expertise in ServiceNow management suite, Office 365, SCCM deployment, and AV conferencing and service solutions that the university needed.

Following Robert Half’s thorough pre-assessment process, the highest calibre candidates were put forward for interview and selection. All 10 Desktop Support contractors were offered a role within one to two days of the selection process.

3. Client's return on investment

Since expanding their IT department, the contract team consistently accomplished all BAU tasks in a timely manner, while also meeting project deadlines designed to expand and improve the university’s IT infrastructure. They also provided onsite technical support, resolved issues faster for staff, students, and campus visitors, as well as facilitated onsite training.

Whether you need one person or an entire team, we match you to skilled contract and permanent talent in technology. Our recruiting specialists can quickly find you the talent you need.

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