Be mine: How to seduce a candidate who's entertaining multiple job offers

When you've found your dream candidate, all you want to do is close the deal. But how do you persuade them to choose you above their other enticing job offers? In honour of Valentine's Day, we've put together our top tips for seducing candidates into picking your workplace.

Show you care

Few candidates will be able to resist a potential employer who proves they truly care. You had the chance to get to know your candidate during the interview process, so use the information you picked up to show you were paying attention – and that you are genuinely interested in them as a person!

Keep your dates

No one likes to be stood up at the last minute, and that's as true for professional appointments as it is for dates. Don't cancel interviews or meetings if you can help it, and if you do need to reschedule, give as much notice as possible and an explanation.

Sell yourself discreetly

It's a rare person who loves a show-off, but that doesn't mean you can get away with taking a back seat when it comes to selling the benefits of your business. Focus on the ways your company could suit the candidate and avoid long, boring monologues about all the awards your workplace has won.

Don't fudge the truth

It's tempting to exaggerate a little when you're trying to impress someone, but it's a sure-fire way to get a relationship off on the wrong foot. Be honest about the position and opportunities available – if you fudge the truth, you risk either losing the candidate at an early stage or clinching the deal only to set yourself up for a nasty break-up in the future. Once you've enticed your candidate into accepting the job offer, get their experience off to a great start with our excellent induction checklist.

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