Are you aware of the risks of job hopping? [Infographic]

Switching jobs frequently may be killing your career. Learn the dangers of job hopping before making your next move.

What is job hopping?

A job-hopper is a person who has changed jobs, on average, four times in a 10 year period.

How is job hopping perceived by potential employers?

A recent survey conducted by Robert Half found that a whopping 93% of hiring managers will remove you as a potential candidate from consideration if you appear to be a job hopper.

Whilst breadth of experience is indeed sought after, changing jobs with regularity can give warning signals to a lack of career stability and leave your interviewer speculating on whether you are able to make a long-term commitment to their firm.

For the full results of our survey, read our press release on job hopping here.

 job hopping infographic

NB: All survey results were developed by Robert Half in conjunction with an independent research organisation, which surveyed 160 Australian Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) in July 2014. The Robert Half Salary Guide provides comprehensive analysis of current and future hiring trends including salary benchmarks.

To download a copy of the full report, visit our Salary Centre.

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