6 finance apps that are revolutionising the industry

For stock trading to mortgages, there are now thousands of mobile apps that can help make the lives of busy financial professionals just a little bit easier. These six finance apps in particular stand out from the pack.


iOS (free), Android (free)
StockTwits is basically Twitter for traders. You can use it to quickly gauge sentiment around a particular company and its stock, keep tabs on market trends, get insights and analysis from other traders and investors, and join the conversation – all in real time.


iOS (free), Android (free)
It only makes sense that one of the most popular cloud-based accounting programs should also be available in a mobile version. It lets you file expenses, view accounts, do on-the-spot invoicing and more while you’re out and about. If you misplace your device, powerful data encryption keeps financial information safe from hackers.


iOS (free), Android (free)
Expensify eliminates the pain and paperwork of expense reporting by allowing users to record all their expenses digitally. Simply take a snapshot of your receipt and let Expensify extract and save the data. Time and mileage reporting are also supported, as is integration with Excel, Evernote, Dropbox, Xero, Salesforce and more.


iOS ($3.79)
This popular mortgage calculator isn’t just for home buyers. It’s also a handy tool for travelling mortgage brokers, conveyancers and accountants. tapMortgage take the guesswork out of stamp duty, transfer fees and other loan calculations. The in-app graphs provide a cost-versus-time visual comparison of different loan options to help the customer choose the best deal.


iOS ($1.29)
iCurrencyPad provides real-time, up-to-the-minute currency conversions for finance professionals who deal with foreign exchange rates on a regular basis. More than 160 currencies are supported, along with currency trend charts going back up to 10 years. The customisable interface lets you choose which currencies to display, reducing clutter on small screens.


iOS (free), Android (free)
Bloomberg Business is well respected in the financial sector, and its mobile app provides access to global business and finance news, market data and portfolio tracking tools through one simple interface. Stories can be filtered by region, source and industry. A customisable watchlist alerts you to company updates that impact your investment portfolio.

Mobile technology has already caused huge disruption to the world of banking and finance, and the next five years are sure to bring more exciting innovations – pocket-sized digital accountants perhaps, or cryptocurrencies going mainstream?

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