5 tips to help you hire for the hottest IT jobs

Follow our five strategies to ensure your next IT team member is the best possible candidate for the role.

The employment market for IT professionals is presently buoyant. The 2015 Robert Half Salary Guide found 93% of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are confident their business will grow in 2015 and over half have plans to expand their IT teams over the months ahead.

That means firms face hot competition for the top people and not surprisingly, 92% of CIOs say it is challenging to find skilled professionals for their IT jobs. Moreover, as firms increasingly aim to improve their online presence, demand for digital staff at all levels is strengthening. IT jobs enjoying especially strong demand include front end developers, .net developers, business analysts and service delivery managers.

With no sign of demand for IT professionals slowing, it can be hard to find the right talent, let alone seal the deal by having them accept your job offer. That can mean it’s time to crank up your hiring efforts a notch or two. Let’s take a look at some of the strategies you can use to recruit the top technology professionals for your IT jobs:

1. Pay up

Hiring the top IT talent means paying appropriately. According to the 2015 Robert Half Salary Guide, over one in two (54%) CIOs are planning to increase salaries for their IT teams this year. Small businesses are most positive, with 74% indicating intentions to raise IT salaries.  In several states, notably NSW, Queensland and WA, IT teams are likely to receive pay rises of 1-3%.

Pay may not be the only consideration for IT professionals but you can put yourself out of the running straight away if your IT salaries are below industrywide figures. Bear in mind, there are ways to enhance the entire compensation package rather than just raising salaries. Performance bonuses plus non-cash options like workplace flexibility can also attract quality IT candidates.

2. Bring the charm offensive

Make sure applicants are made aware of everything your firm has to offer. Think about it. Job descriptions like “Healthcare company seeks experienced network engineer” are far less compelling than “We’re looking for a network engineer who is passionate about using the latest technologies to help us transform the healthcare industry. If you’re interested in working in an innovative and fast-paced environment, come join our team.” Have a similarly enthusiastic pitch ready in case you meet people who could be prospects.

Maintain your enthusiasm during the interview. Sure, you need to listen to candidates but take time to share what makes your workplace special – like unique benefits, or generous support for professional development. Explain these clearly to your IT candidates.

3. Network

This is the time to actively participate in technology associations and social media sites devoted to IT issues. You’ll be able to meet prospects and give them a chance to know you, too. Use your existing network to gather leads. Let your contacts know you’re hiring and what types of qualifications you’re seeking.

4. Tap into professional recruitment help

Consider using a specialist IT recruitment firm for help finding skilled, high quality candidates. These firms can be particularly useful in a difficult market because they may know IT experts who aren’t actively seeking a new role but who could be tempted by the right opportunity.

5. Act fast

In today’s workplace, speed to market is critical. It pays to streamline your screening process, not by skipping important steps, but by looking for ways to make it more time efficient. Allow candidates the opportunity to meet with several managers at one sitting for instance rather than scheduling multiple appointments.

Remember, the 2015 Robert Half Salary Guide offers insights into what your competitors are doing to recruit IT staff as well as up-to-date information on salary ranges.

This article originally appeared as 5 tips to help you hire for the hottest IT jobs on the Robert Half Technology blog.

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