5 reasons recruitment is just like an Easter egg hunt

Beginning with the pagan festivals celebrating the birth of spring – and bird eggs being plentiful – people would give painted bird eggs as gifts to symbolise the renewal of life after the dark of winter.

Today, we give eggs made of chocolate wrapped in shiny-coloured foil, which are both more delicious and much easier to come by. However, perhaps in honour of those early efforts, many people still hide the eggs and make a game of finding them. So what does this have to do with recruitment?

In the world of recruiting, the closest thing to those exciting adventures of search and discovery is probably when we are searching for an employee to fill a job. We venture forth into an exciting new landscape, hoping that we can find the biggest and best prizes and desperately trying to beat our competition to the goodies.

In saying this, here are five reasons recruitment is like an Easter egg hunt.

1.    The name of the game is go hard or go home…

We know that there are varying degrees of quality and reward out there. We also know that we are not the only ones looking, and getting there first might be the difference between dark chocolate filled with delight and that white “chocolate” cheapie that was discounted for a quick sale.

2.    The shiniest wrapper doesn’t always reveal a good egg

Plenty of job candidates look good on the outside but make us regret our choice once we’ve taken a bite. Indeed, it might be a good rule of thumb to assume that a razzle-dazzle package is trying to distract us from the lower-quality product within.

3.    Good candidates are like bunnies: rarely easy to find

Instead, they often have to be coaxed from their holes or spotted in the open. A truly exceptional jobseeker probably isn’t seeking a job, so we have to go into the forest. The exception to this rule is probably to look at graduates, who may possess raw talent that can be developed – a bit like making your own Easter eggs, which can be difficult but very rewarding.

4.    The real prize is the Easter Bunny himself

This is the candidate who not only brings in their own quality abilities but also has a knack for bringing out the best in others.

5.    Once you’ve found them, you don’t want to put them back

Letting go of an employee is a hard and often expensive process. Employers need to be careful how they choose and how much time they devote to exploring each candidate.

Use these tips to help your recruitment drive during the Easter period. And happy hunting!

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