5 minute workouts for the office

We all know that time is a rare commodity.

Add in the daily pressures of life, high stress levels at work and increasing office hours… you’d be lucky to find a moment to yourself, let alone time to exercise.

However, it’s actually a common myth that exercise requires you to be at the gym for hours on end each day. You can incorporate it into your everyday routine.

De-bunking the myth

It’s easier than you think to get those endorphins going, and you can help your body rid those excess calories. Most importantly, it’s relevant to all fitness levels.

A study by the American College of Sports Medicine also found that individuals who exercise actually report fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as decreased levels of stress and anger.

To increase or maintain fitness you need just five minutes of effective exercise per day.

5 hot exercise tips

Using your whole body, combine the following tips together and you have a fast and efficient workout.

  1. Forget the lift, tone the legs: Take the stairs for a functional leg workout that uses your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calf muscles.
  2. Walk up the escalators: Short 60 second spurts of exercise all add up to a healthier body so walk up those escalators instead of joining the queue!
  3. Sculpt your back and biceps: Now you’re at work, utilise a lunge to place your lunch bag, handbag or man bag down. Repeat by lunging to pick it up off the floor, and pull it towards your armpit like a row to sculpt your upper body. Repeat this 10 times on each arm.
  4. Perk up your pecs, triceps and shoulders: All you need here is your office space. Every time you leave your desk, use your arms and core to push your body and chair away from the desk (as hard as you can). This works the upper body like a push-up, activating similar muscle groups.
  5. Craze your core: How long do you actually sit up straight at your desk without leaning back or slumping forward? Lack of posture can lead to inactive floppy muscles. This can be avoided by sitting up straight (but relaxed) in your chair to activate your core muscles.

Of course you can implement a longer more comprehensive exercise regime, but before you do please consult your doctor.

Luke Heath is a fitness expert and entrepreneur, who focuses on creating efficient, effective and enjoyable results-driven workouts and exercise programs for the time poor. Luke aims to inspire and motivate beginners to athletes with Luke Heath DYNAMIC FITNESS, working to make the world Healthier, Fitter, Leaner.

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