5 interviewer no-no’s

5 interviewer no-no’s

The job interview is a critical first step in determining a person’s potential with your organisation.

But if you make one of the following common mistakes, you could jeopardise the effectiveness of this stage of the hiring process.

1. “We’re too busy”

Failing to allocate adequate time for the interview process can result in a bad hire. No matter how busy you are, be sure to prepare for interviews in advance so you can thoughtfully evaluate the applicants you meet.

2. “I can just wing it”

If you’re inconsistent with your interview technique, you’ll deprive yourself of the thing you need most to compare applicants: a standard objective on which to base your conclusions. Scheduling back-to-back interviews, when possible, can also assist with your comparisons.

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3. “The candidate was great – she agreed with everything I said”

If you’re talking more than 20 per cent of the time, you’re talking too much. Probing through active listening (for example, letting the applicant’s comments spark related questions) allows you to gain valuable information you’d miss if you dominated the conversation.

4. “I loved his designer suit”

You may become so enraptured by one particular aspect of the applicant – presentation, credentials or interests – that it colours your overall judgement. Do your best to remain objective.

5. “I taught Freud everything”

The ability to “read” people can be 
an enormously valuable skill. But don’t get carried away trying to seek out the subconscious meaning behind everything the applicant says and does.

Do any of these five points sound all too familiar? Spend the time to hire properly now and you’ll thank yourself later. And to get the best potential candidates in the door in the first place, make sure you’re writing the right job descriptions.

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