5 awesome business apps you need to download today

Mobile apps first began to appear around 2008 with the arrival of the iPhone, kicking off a new era of smartphones.

These days, apps are available for a wide range of mobile devices, from the Apple App Store, Google Play (for Android), BlackBerry App World and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store, meaning almost anyone can customise their smartphone or tablet to perform a stunning array of tasks.

Unfortunately, not all apps are available in all flavours. It can be frustrating to read about a hugely helpful business app only to discover it isn’t available for your preferred device or operating system. So here are some of the best business apps available on most, if not all four, of the major platforms.


Still the most popular and ubiquitous of the cloud document-storage services, Dropbox makes sharing and syncing files across your devices extremely simple. The Dropbox app doesn’t fill up all of your mobile device memory with synced copies, but lists everything in your folder for you to select, access, open and edit a wide range of documents on the go.

Available for iPhone/iPad, Android and BlackBerry.


WorkFlowy is far more than just a simple to-do list app while still being extremely simple to use. You can add notes to each task, or use hashtags to group tasks into projects or categories. The app syncs with your account at WorkFlowy.com, making your lists accessible anywhere.

Available for iPhone/iPad. Android users can install WorkFlowy Agent to access the same features.

Pomodoro Pro

The Pomodoro Technique is a popular method to focus the mind on a single task for bursts of 25 minutes at a time, followed by a five-minute break. There are many apps available to help organise and time ‘Pomodoros’ and they are simple to use with enough features to keep you at your most productive.

There are Pomodoro apps available for iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.


HootSuite has become one of the most popular tools for managing your business or personal social media accounts in one handy app. Packed with features, HootSuite can help you make sense of all the social media noise while making it easier to stay on top of what’s important.

Available for iPhone/iPad and Android. A new HTML5 HootSuite app is currently in development for Blackberry and Windows phones.​


Ever turned up at a venue or a client’s office to present a PowerPoint or Keynote only to discover they don’t have a handy ‘clicker’? It can be very off-putting having to manually change each slide from the keyboard. i-Clickr turns your smartphone or tablet into a handy clicker, connecting to your presentation over Wi-Fi. It previews the next slide so you always know what’s up next, displays your speaker notes and also includes a timer to keep you on schedule.

Available for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phones.

Of course there are thousands of excellent business apps out there, and everyone will have their own personal selection. Which business apps have you found to be essential on your smartphone or tablet?

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