3 special ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work

3 special ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work

Valentine’s Day may be a personal event for some, but it can also be the perfect occasion to show your co-workers some love and appreciation. 

Chances are, you probably spend more time with your colleagues in your 9-5 job than with your beloved ones in any given week. So why not show your co-workers some love this Valentine’s Day? 


Here are some ideas on how to say thank you to your colleagues on Valentine’s Day.

1. Make someone’s day bloom

Flowers aren’t just for romance. Flowers like hydrangea, daisies, sunflowers and red carnations signify friendship whilst yellow lilies and tulips convey gratitude. They make a sweet surprise to your closest office mates who have been generous with their support and help. The dash of colour on their desks will also be an instant pick-me-up for the following week or so.

If you have been under the guidance of a boss who has been a wonderful mentor, consider organising a surprise bouquet to be sent from the team to say thank you. This is a fairly easy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work.

2. Secret Cupid

If you and your team enjoy gift-giving games like Secret Santa, then the idea of Secret Cupid might be well received on Valentine’s Day. The rules are the same as Secret Santa, only with a V-day twist: every gift must come with a card labelled “3 things I appreciate about you”. Gift-givers then write 3 appropriate and positive things about the receiver of the gift. To make it more challenging, ban common gift ideas such as picture frames, chocolates, hand cream or soaps.

3. Lead with love

If you’re a team leader or boss, the sky’s the limit for fun and creative ways you can show your appreciation to your team. For example, you could make lunch reservations at a nice restaurant and say it is a V-day office date. Alternatively, have a supplier deliver coffee, tea and Valentine’s Day-themed desserts during tea time, give everyone a quick 20 minute break, and ban all work talk for that time.

You can also consider hiring a couple of masseuses who can give express head or shoulder massages at the desk. Everyone likes to know their hard work has been taken into account and will appreciate your gestures of appreciation for a long time. Celebrating Valentine’s Day at work is an opportunity to motivate and inspire your staff.

Apart from your immediate co-workers, it would also be nice to do something for the other people working in the office – the IT support team, receptionist, admin staff or even the office cleaner. Without this office support network that we often take for granted, things may not run as smoothly. Hand out small goodie bags of candy or chocolates (bearing in mind dietary needs), gift certificates or movie vouchers and tell them how much they are appreciated in the office. Valentine’s Day is, after all, a day to show your love and appreciation to those who matter. 

This article originally appeared as 3 special ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work on the Asian Robert Half blog.

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