10 things you can do to feel like royalty over the Queen's Birthday weekend

Queen's birthday weekend The Queen’s Birthday long weekend is the perfect opportunity to schedule some much-needed downtime while channelling your inner royal. These top 10 restorative encounters are bound to bolster your pleasure quotient while keeping stress at bay.

Plan your dream holiday

If you can’t see past the mounting deadlines and client pressure, now’s the ideal time to start thinking about your next getaway. Spend a few hours imagining your ultimate holiday destinations and engaging in some pre-travel research – tailoring your perfect trip might not be the same as driving to the airport, but anticipation is the next best thing.

Wind your alarm clock forward

When you’re used to rising early to fast-track your morning commute, it’s easy to forget the blissfulness of extra sleep. This Queen’s Birthday weekend, wind your alarm clock forward and master the art of waking slowly.

Check in to a day spa

Taking time out to rejuvenate and pamper yourself is a powerful way to reclaim perspective and regain a new lease on life. Try booking in to a day spa for a massage, facial or aromatherapy treatment – it’s a shortcut to feeling like royalty.

Head for the coast

Is there anything as invigorating as the smell of salt air and the sound of waves crashing on the sand? Jump in your car, make a beeline for the coast and let your relaxation levels go through the roof.

Volunteer for a worthy cause

Sometimes, a bustling work life can make it impossible to see the bigger picture or focus on anything other than yourself. Signing up for a volunteer program or committing to fundraise for a charity can work wonders for negative thoughts, foster feelings of gratitude and help you make a real difference.

Schedule a digital detox

If you’re a social media addict or check your email incessantly, it’s likely that you’ve felt stressed, overwhelmed or inadequate. That’s why unplugging yourself from your smartphone, laptop or iPad when you have the opportunity is important for reconnecting with yourself. Scheduling time away from your screen will also motivate you to plan in-person catch-ups with family and friends. This simple ritual can help you set aside your workplace woes and focus on the present moment.

Indulge in some retail therapy

When was the last time you treated yourself to a new gadget or a new outfit that you really love? Buying an item that makes you happy can instantly elevate your mood – as long as your spending is within reason.

Plan a weekend staycation

You don’t always have to head overseas to re-create feelings of travel bliss. Whether it’s checking in to a luxury hotel or reacquainting yourself with national parks, museums and galleries, make it a priority to explore your city.

Make a date with your endorphins

Exercise can flood you with positive energy and make you feel like you can conquer the world. From swimming in an indoor pool or jogging alongside a striking piece of coastline, accelerating your heartbeat is a foolproof way to feel better.

Buy tickets to a concert

Nothing beats the thrill of splashing out on tickets to see a piece of theatre or buying front-row seats to watch your favourite band. Investing in memorable experiences is a passport to feeling special and an instant reminder of the best things in life. Which of these options will you choose in celebration of the Queen – and yourself?

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